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New England Geotech utilizes quality Geoprobe® machines to obtain media economically and efficiently while leaving the site undisturbed. Our Geoprobe® machines rely on the vehicle static weight combined with percussion as the energy for advancement of a tool string. Our Geoprobe® machines have been used to perform many of these functions to depths of 100 feet or more where geology and soil conditions are appropriate.

  • Macro-Core Continuous Soil Sampling
  • Macro-Core Discrete Soil Sampling
  • Installation of Permanent Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Installation of Permanent Soil Vapor Implants
  • Hydraulic Fracturing with Geoprobe® Tooling
  • Injection of OBC, ABC®, Permanganate,
    and Persulfate
  • Installation of Air Sparge Implants


New England Geotech utilizes our 4x4 truck mounted Geoprobe® Model 5400 and 6600 machines to access a variety of site conditions. These units are powerful, mobile and durable for a variety of subsurface capabilities. Soil sampling can be collected in 4 feet or 5 feet increments and these machines can install either 1" or 2" groundwater monitoring wells.


Our Geoprobe® Model 540M machine performs subsurface investigations in extreme hard-to-reach locations. The dimensions of this machine enable work to be performed in areas that would otherwise be impossible.

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